A DITFT Challenge


(A/N: I have edited these rules slightly so that they only include the objectives I will be trying for.)

Starting Out:
*Create a character and move them to whatever housing you want. (One that is more isolated and a smaller lot is preferred)

*Have Fun
*No cheats for money and whatnot.
*For the split gens, you can have both for your heir of that gen (if possible) or you may hand it off to the spouse or even the spare of that gen. Or you don’t have to play it (Some won’t be able to because many of the split gens involve Ambitions expansion)

Generation One
“I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. ”

Objectives of generation one:
-Grow a garden with every type of plant from the store. (excludes egg and steak and omni) √
-Get married but no woohoo before marriage. √
-Have a boy and a girl. Keep trying till you do. (Try not using watermelons or apples.) Can adopt the other gender if needed. √
-Master Gardening skill. √


Generation Two
“I was expected to be a farmer like my father and siblings. I broke tradition. It was great.”

Generation Two Objectives:
– Get to level 10 in the Business career.
– Get to level 10 in Charisma skill
– Get married, woohoo, and have kid(s). (not necessarily in that order)
– Have at least one kid.

Optional Objectives:
-Become enemies with your father and mother before entering your career.
-Partner into a business.
-Make over 50,000 in family funds.

Generation Three
*(WA need. If you don’t have or it doesn’t work on your computer see Gen 3.5 right below. Or even try doing both if you have WA)

“My parents always working; I was left alone. So I went on trips (relationship rampages) as I grew old enough.”

Generation Three Objectives:
-Visit all locations.
-Gain all visa levels.
-Master Photography.


Generation Four

“The more I find, the more I type, and the more I learn of my parent’s lives.”


-Master Writing skill.
-Write at least 10 books.
-Master Painting skill.
-Paint over 20 paintings.
-Marry, woohoo, have kid(s).


-Be best friends with parents.
-Get 10,000 in royalties.
-Paint your parents’ pictures ( and grandparents if still alive.)
-Paint your children and husband.

Gen 4.5 (not possible to do without Ambitions) *suggested by Mangakagirl* & is optional!
Optional Additions:
-Learn and master sculpting skill
-Make an ice sculpture of your love
-Be sure to learn how to use all material types for sculpting
-Make at least 5 sculptures.


Generation Five

“Though it be not quite from my parents, I learned to play the guitar, and sing simple songs.”


-Master Guitar skill.
-Get to the top of the Music career.
-Have at least three kids.
-Get married.
-Learn all songs (see optional).

-Master Painting skill.

Ambitions/other things noticed Add: (optional)
(For Rockstar branch)
-Get a tattoo.
-Have at least 3 signings.
-Play concert at least 10 times.
Generation Six

“I always dreamed of staying home watching the kids.”

-Adopt at least one boy and a girl (one being a child).
-Try for twins until you win!
– Teach all toddlers their skills.
-Don’t have social worker come steal the kids.
-Attend at least two kids weddings.

-Have at least five kids of your own (they grow up so fast).


Generation Seven

“There is always a bad apple in the bunch.”

-Join Criminal career.
-Reach level 10 in Criminal career.
-Master Athletics skill.
-Master Logic skill.
-Marry sim.
-Make baby.
-Befriend child.

Befriend 5 sims to best friend.


Generation Eight

“I won’t end up like you! I won’t I won’t.”

-Join and reach level 10 of Political career.
-Reach max Charisma.
– Get at least 10,000 for political funds.
-Steal from fund once .
-Get married as adult.
-Have three babies.

Get into fight with parent.


Generation Nine

“There was always hidden attractions for those who worked honest jobs.”

-Woohoo a service sim.
-Have a child with service sim.
-Get a child with a hidden trait.
-Kick out a kid after his birthday in becoming a young adult.
-Have part-time job throughout life.

-Marry the service sim.

9.5 (Must have ambitions) *Mangakagirl suggestion*

-Become a firefighter.
-Get the key to the city
-Max Handiness skill
-Max Athletic skill.

-Rescue 5 sims from the blaze.
-Put out 10 fires.


Generation Ten

“Playing cops and robbers as a kid, I always wanted to kick bad-guy butt.”

-Join Law Enforcement as adult.
-Max Logic skill.
-Try maxing out Painting skill (only when child/teen).
-Try maxing Athletic skill (only when teen/young adult).
-Become best friends with your work partner.
-Have a kid or two while a young adult.
-Marry someone when young adult.

-Have at least two friends.
-Have a fight with a burglar and win.

10.5 (Ambitions needed)
-Become a Private Investigator.
-Snoop out 10 locations.
-Write 5 papers of your findings.
-Reach level 10 of PI.
-Get key to the city.
-Have baby.

-Snoop around and follow the sim of your dreams for a day or two.
-Go through at least 5 garbages.
-Don’t marry until Adult stage.
-Adopt a kid.
Generation Eleven

“I always wanted to be a doctor. Helping people is something I was raised on.”

-Join the Medical career.
-Max Logic skill.
-Be friends with siblings and parents.
-Befriend boss.

-Give a sim medical advice.
-Decide gender of baby for a sim.

Ambitions additions:
-Give vaccinations to at least 10 sims.
-Marry someone you vaccinate.
-Have a baby.

Generation Twelve

“I must of gotten it from my family long down the line. I was fascinated with science and the earth”

-Join Science career.
-Max Gardening skill.
-Max Handiness skill.
-Reach level 10 of Science career.

Ambitions required 12.5 *mangakagirl suggestion*
-Become a registered inventor.
-Max Inventing skill.
-Invent 10 toys.
-Collect scrap at least 10 times from junk yard.
-Blow up things at least twice in public.
-Have a kid through time machine.

-Marry and woohoo.
-Make a simbot.

Generation Thirteen

“Food, food, food, I always liked making food. I blame my parents. They had a garden.”

-Join Culinary career.
-Get to level 10 in Culinary career.
-Max Cooking skill.
-Max Nectar skill.
-Max Gardening skill.
-Manage a bake stand while a kid.

-Collect all cookbooks.

Generation Fourteen

“I was always interested in things like my grandparents were. They spent their time building robots which got me curious on all things supernatural. .”


– Join and master Ghost Hunting profession.
– Get married and have a baby.
– Catch 50 ghosts.
– Convince 10 ghosts to move on.
– Have a ghost baby.
Generation Fifteen

“Even though we aren‘t from the same mother (or father), we feel like we are. And we’d like to meet all our family members.”

-Have both ‘heirs’ adopt one child sim.
-Have both sims have kids.
-You both join Military career.
-Both max out Athletic skills.
-Max Handiness skill for both.
-Host a birthday party and invite all your relatives to it.

-Buy out 2 businesses.
-Complete LTW.


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